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FABREO Expo (Food & Beverage Retention & Expansion Opportunities) - Columbia Basin Bites & Bevs
June 12 2015

Discover Bolder, Brighter, Fresher!

Food & Beverage Opportunities in the Columbia Basin.

The Columbia Basin is famous for growing world-class grapes, chickpeas, apples, pears, potatoes, sweet cherries, fresh peas, sweet corn, asparagus, carrots, mint and more, much more, all nurtured by abundant sun, rich soil and the nurturing Columbia, Snake and Yakima Rivers. The Columbia Basin is not only growing amazing crops, but is also growing some of the most amazing, might I say bolder, brighter and fresher, food and beverage processing companies on the planet.

Those companies, with their visionary, entrepreneurial owners will be showing off at the first annual FABREO Expo, Friday, June 12, 2015 at the TRAC Center, Pasco, WA.

Who will be exhibiting?
•Wineries from Washington State’s # 1 wine producing region…..the Columbia Basin
•Innovative food and beverage processing companies, with some of the most amazing brand stories ever told, waiting to be discovered
•Fresh produce for fresh buyers, from local artisan farmers
•Food, beverage and hospitality project developers

Who will be attending?
•Food and beverage brokers, distributors, retailers, gift buyers and restaurants looking for the newest and most unique products from the Pacific Northwest
•Investors looking for unique business opportunities in the food, beverage and hospitality industries

Anything else? You bet!
•Some of the hottest, make that the coolest, new restaurant concepts around
•Live music, capturing a wide selection of musical tastes
•Seminars bringing you up-to-date before you become out-of-date
•Industry networking opportunities
•And more!

It sounds like a party, and it is. A party with a purpose….to present amazing business opportunities from the Columbia Basin. Everyone likes a good party, and this is going to be a great one!

Success Seminars (2 – 5 PM), Room #2

Go from good to great with these food and beverage specific seminars. We are talking with some of the best in the business regarding some of today’s “need to know” topics. It’s looking good. Stay tuned. Confirmed seminars will soon be listed.

Columbia Basin Bites & Bevs (5 – 9 PM), Exposition Hall

Join other food and beverage processors, vendors, buyers, service providers and investors from throughout the Pacific Northwest in this uniquely formatted trade show. Be an exhibitor or attendee. Discover new customers, new products, new investment opportunities, new ideas, network with industry professionals, develop strategic alliances, learn and grow your business. Everyone is invited and welcomed.

Columbia Basin Cuisine…..Unique and Wonderful

We grow it, we process it and local restaurants have mastered the art of turning the Columbia Basin’s cornucopia of delectable delights into a unique culinary style to savor and enjoy. Numerous local restaurants will be providing tastings for your pleasure. Stay tuned. Participating restaurants will soon be listed.

Homegrown Musicians Reaching for the Stars

Nothing better than playing the mandolin, next to the Columbia River as the sun sets over Rattle Snake Mountain. Maybe that’s why so many great musicians call the Columbia Basin home. If the mandolin is not your thing, how about crazy drums, sizzling electric guitars, cool brass, soothing woodwinds or velvety vocals that send your heart and soul to another universe? We’re currently negotiating with some of the best musical talent in the Columbia Basin, maybe the world. These folks are great musicians. They are also tough negotiators, but worth it. Stay tuned, we are making progress. Confirmed musical talent will shortly be listed.

Space is limited!

For further information, please contact Gary A. White, TRIDEC, 509-735-1000, gwhite@tridec.org

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Gary A. White
Telephone:  509-735-1000
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