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Structural Engineers Associaiton - Post-Earthquake Safety Evaluation
Friday, February 22 2013

ATC-20/ATC-45 Training
Post-Earthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings (ATC-20
Safety Evaluation of Buildings after Windstorms and Floods (ATC-45)

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The SEAW Disaster Preparedness & Response Committee is hosting eight-hour training sessions in Spokane and Pasco on Post-Earthquake Building Safety Evaluation Procedures (ATC-20) and Safety Evaluation of Buildings after Windstorms and Floods (ATC-45) to help participants develop the skills to properly assess earthquake-, flood-, and wind-damaged buildings for occupancy following a major event.

In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, buildings need to be evaluated to determine whether they are safe to enter. The ATC evaluation procedures are the internationally recognized standard for performing these post-disaster building safety assessments. This program is a must for structural engineers, architects and building officials committed to using their unique professional skills to assist following a catastrophic event. The ATC Field Manuals are “must haves” for post-disaster building safety evaluators and will be used in the class. The Field Manuals provide guidelines and procedures for conducting building safety evaluations. They give advice on evaluating structural, geotechnical, and nonstructural risks, and how to rate the safety significance of certain types of damage. They also cover related topics of interest, such as field safety and how to deal with owners and occupants of damaged buildings.

Class participants will be eligible to register as building Safety Assessment Program (SAP)Evaluators with the California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA). This nationally recognized program is 8000 strong, and includes building officials, architects, and engineers in both public and private practice.

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