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Hispanic Academic Achiever Awards
May 5, 2013

Mission Statement:
Our organization was founded with one main purpose; to provide a springboard for Hispanic students and their families to strive for a better life through education.

Specifically, the Hispanic Academic Achievers Program's mission goals are to:

Recognize Hispanic youth who perform well in the classroom
Motivate youth to start and keep doing well academically.
Educate youth and their parents about the VALUE of an education.

Educate youth and their parents about opportunities and resources available to afford a college education.
Provide positive role models and examples of achievement.
Encourage youth to pursue math, science, engineering and other professional careers historically poorly represented by women and minorities. Foster understanding of educational barriers and propel youth to overcome these barriers. Foster understanding of the Hispanic culture and facilitate all communities towards cultural awareness and understanding.

HAAP is lead by a group a of professionals, educators, parents and community leaders. We believe all four components are essential to making a program like HAAP have a genuine positive effect on the students. It is essential to have the support of the schools districts.

HAAP Facts
*Started in 1990 with 237 Pasco students
*Is now in Pasco, Kennewick, Richland, Finley, Burbank, Connell, Moses Lake and Yakima communities
*Has awarded over $1,000,000 scholarships since its inception.
*Has recognized over 30,000 students in grades 4-12 in the last 18 years
*Recognized over 3,500 students from several communities in 2007
*Has a board of 17 "non-paid" volunteers who oversee the program and has no paid staff
*Has hundreds of volunteers who contribute in each HAAP community
*Has the support of local school districts
*Has received broad base community and business support
*Provides support and mentors to students as they enroll in college
*Provides higher education information to Spanish speaking parents
*Works closely with colleges and universities to enhance scholarship, financial aid and counseling opportunities for its students
*HAAP has been recognized for its Community educational leadership by:
- The Mid-Columbia Education Alliance
- El Comite de Dialogo Educacional
- The Washington Apple Education Foundation
- The Southwest Washington Association of School Administrators(SEWASA) and the ESD #123
- The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
- The Society of Hispanic Professional engineers
- The 2006 KCTS Golden Apple
Award Program for Excellence in Education

HAAP encourages students to graduate from college and then give back to the community. This means volunteering through HAAP and many other broadbase community non-profit organizations like Kiwanis, March of Dimes, United Way and numerous others. We believe by contributing to the entire community one can have a greater impact in the Hispanic community!
Anel Suarez
Telephone:  509-372-0842
Email:  Anel_Suarez@rl.gov
Web:  www.haap.org