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Contact Information

The Franklin County TRAC Center located in Pasco, nestled in the fertile southeastern corner of Washington. We are Located at a high point in the outskirts of town allowing an unobstructed view of the Horse Heaven Hills and Rattlesnake Mountain creating a distraction-free, serene atmosphere away from the hustle of downtown activity. Within blocks of our campus are two shopping plazas, over 24 fast food and full service restaurants, not to mention 6 separate coffee shops!

The TRAC Center complex is just one freeway exit away from the Tri-Cities Regional Airport, and over 500 guestrooms in each direction. Easy freeway access connects us to destinations anywhere in the Pacific Northwest region, including Portland, Vancouver, Seattle, Spokane and Lewiston.

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TRAC Contact Information

TRAC Center
6600 Burden Blvd.
Pasco, WA. 99301

Phone: (509) 543-2999
Fax: (509) 543-2998

Email: trac-info@traconline.com

Individual Contact List
General Manager
Tom French
Email: gm@traconline.com
Phone: 509-542-5921
Fax: 509-543-2998
Operations Manager
Steve Roberts
Email: facility@traconline.com
Phone: 509-542-5924
Fax: 509-543-2998
Sales Manager
Kristi Kesler
Email: sales@traconline.com
Phone: 509-542-5927
Fax: 509-543-2998
Sales Manager
Ron Larson
Email: sales2@traconline.com
Phone: 509-542-5930
Fax: 509-543-2998
Finance Manager
Tiffany Coffland
Email: finance@traconline.com
Phone: 509-542-5922
Fax: 509-543-2998
Event Manager
Chanda Tebay-Jablonski
Email: events@traconline.com
Phone: 509-542-5923
Fax: 509-543-2998
Office Manager
Heather Souriyavongsa
Email: boxoffice@traconline.com
Phone: 509-542-5920
Fax: 509-543-2998
Food & Beverage Manager
Tom Hewitt
Email: food@traconline.com
Phone: 509-542-5926
Fax: 509-543-2998
Banquet Manager
Darla Shoemaker
Email: banquet@traconline.com
Phone: 509-542-5928
Fax: 509-543-2998
RV Park Administrative
Email: franklincountyrvpark@co.franklin.wa.us
Phone: 509-542-5982
Fax: 509-543-2998